Are you interested in Exhibiting more successfully?
Would you like the secrets that make exhibiting EASY?
Do you want to significantly increase $ with a low cost per lead?

Then you have come to the right place!

Recently the Million Dollar Relationship with Customers Expert Danielle Storey and Trade Show Guru and Get More Guy Warwick Merry for the ran the Exhibit Like A Pro - 1 Day Intensive.  This day was recorded and has been made into a condensed DVD/CD product.
While the day ran for over eight hours we have edited out all the fluff and condensed it into the core information.

You get 7 DVDs as well as 4 CDs that cover the day. There is also a CD with a stack of checklists and templates. So you can watch Danielle and Warwick in action and see the examples they make of the two stands of their sponsors or you can listen in the car as you travel.
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Who Are We?

Danielle Storey, who has successfully sponsored multiple events and used this as a method to create a multi-million dollar business in less than five years, and
Warwick Merry, who has been working in the Trade Show area since 1993 after spending 12 months on a permanent trade show in Dallas Texas and then exhibiting all around the world and consulting to exhibitors are tradeshow organisers.

The Focus

The sole focus of this pack is to help you be a better exhibitor and sponsor. This is one of the cheapest ways to get new leads and new clients in your business. They will show you the secrets on how to Exhibit Like a Pro and how to better your current exhibiting approach. To help with the education process, we will have select exhibitors as their examples. Their tables were up the front of the room next to the stage so you get practical examples of what to do and what not to do.

Why you HAVE to get this product:

Everyone came to the session looking for something different. They were astounded at the ground  covered and its value for their business. So here are some of the key outcomes participants loved:

You Get

When you pre order the Exhibit Like A Pro Pack, you get

The Guarantee200% Guarantee

This pack contains some of the best information available on Sponsoring and Exhibiting. We are so confident and committed to your success that we guarantee it.

In fact, we will give you a 200%, Money Back Guarantee on it!

If you apply the principles and techniques in this pack, we will guarantee that you will make enough additional sales to cover the cost of this product within 12 months. If you follow our guidance and can show that you have, and still don't get enough additional sales to cover the cost of the product, simply contact us and we will arrange a refund of your purchase price (the first 100%) and then you can keep the product (the second 100%).

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